Care Guide

To help with the longevity of your jewelry please keep them away from the 5 S’s:

Sleep - take off before bed

Swim - remove before the pool

Shower - remove before washing

Sprays - apply perfumes/lotions before you put on your jewelry

Sweat - massive sweating, no gym

Polymer Clay - do not use a wet cloth. Do use a small amount of alcohol on a Q-tip or cotton ball and wipe sparingly to remove scuffs or stains.

Polymer Clay w/ Resin Coat- softy wipe with a damp microfiber cloth or glass cleaner cloth

Storage: place in the bag that comes with your order or in a drawer to keep dust away. Please keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time as it can eventually fade the beautiful colors or turn resin top coat yellow.

Hypoallergenic and always lead and nickel free!

All hardware used:

-24K, 18k, and 14K Gold Plated

-Surgical Stainless Steel


-Sterling Silver